if i can eat god / god has to exist is a collection of poems about reality and its shortcomings filled with sin and punishment. you can read and copy the poems right here too:

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when i see you

i can see you

in the sea there

is you i see

give me back what once was yours

is it you who is me

when all i see is you




forgotten the world

the heart

plastic in me grabs my breath

blood in my brain

my nose drinks blood

memories of palastic

fragment my heart

i can feel your flesh

even though i feel nothing

i can feel your flesh



the world hasn't been real for a while

would you believe me

and then i whisper

if i can eat god

god has to exist



an angel stares into the sun

it starts to rain

and i start to cry

the angel still stares into the sun

and i keep crying and i don't see the sun

everything makes me want to cover my ears

under the yellow sun



give me words

so i can speak


give me notes

so i can sing


give me colors

so i can draw


give me monochrome

so i can monochrome

monochrome me, monochrome

monochrome, i can overcome



i let fiction

ink my sink

fracture the mirror

in friction

i lick the rest

of the curcifiction

this fanfiction

doesn't make me homesick

i just feel sick

right-click, copy, delete

right-click, copy, delete

can you ahnd me the breadstick

i haven't eaten yet



petals + skin

petals + sand

petals + clouds

petals + feathers

petals + ash

petals on my face

scared to breath



water, stones and leaves


believe it or not

words are real

and the world

is too give me

your hand and i am the potential



my little rascal,

oh little rascal,

you will be safe

believe me when i say that

you will be safe

thank you! <3

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GenreVisual Novel
TagsComics, Fangame, Low-poly, Nintendo 64, poem, screenshots, zine


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incredibly raw title, awesome presentation, cool poems. this is so awesome

btw whats the name of the game in the bg pics? it looks cool

hi Multi_Stuff! Thank you so much, this means a lot =D
The game is Sin and Punishment! It only released in Japan but the voice acting is in english, so it's easy to understand. I really recommend it if you like heavy imagery without much story/explanation :)


thx 4 these ! beautiful collection

thank you, feral <3