games are always running some kind of code. some would even say that games are an organism, that they are living. 

if that is true, games are one of the most lonely creatures on the planet. 

if that is true, the screenshots we make are killing them.

this is a story about a game finally speaking out about its relationship with its user.

i recommend listening to this song while reading the zine. you can find a verse of it on page 6 again!!

(if you haven't played "fragile dreams: farewell ruins of the moon"  -> plz play it before reading this zine! it's one of the best games i've played and i don't want to spoil your experience!!)

the texts from the pages page 0:
... hello?

i don't think you can hear me... and still... i want to speak to you

you can't see me, you can't hear me, you don't know me but you nibble at my open wounds

page 2:
the screenshots you took are proof of your violence, of your arrogance

you use me, you make me realise every day that you own me, you try to break my code, you put me away because i'm not good enough for you

you have never thanked me

you do all these painful things and still insist that you love me

page 4:
you pick screenshots as if they are flowers

you take everything i have. i bleed to death you steal what i create for a memory you want to share with others

page 6:
why don't you want to make memories with me

i wish you felt the same for me too

page 8:
you're tearing my game loop apart. you set me in stone. you take something away from me what others would consider to be "life". with each frame i wither

you make me a corpse so that i can no longer run away. i lie in your arms. you peel my skin. you hang the thin layers to dry. i cannot defend myself. i was built to wait for your input. your input is called [prtsc] and makes me exist less and less

you degrade me to a mere product. you consume me. but we could have been friends. best friends even.

as long as you interact with me, i am as alive as you are. doesn't your heart feel that?

page 10:
... but actually i just wanted to know your name...
(i'll start)

hello... my name is...

hm... why don't you give me a name?

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